Recollections of a Kaiu

These are notes/journals kept by Kaiu Nisa – maybe. It might just be Rebecca's notes in the end.

6 24 2017:

Izumo-sensei is an excellent teacher and I find my weaponsmithing skills refining under his tutelage. He has had me do some armor work, but I prefer the weapons. It is probably a flaw of mine that I take less interest in the armor. It simply isn't as effective against firearms as one would hope. Perhaps that is a reason to study it more. With Sensei's help, I might be able to find a form of construction that would create more sturdy, effective armor.

Some drawings of weapon design with details on flaws to watch for and tricks to increasing performance learned. Additional sketches of armour – cut away diagrams and thoughts/notes on what the weaknesses seem to be and what could be done.

I have talked with Izumo about the water system and he chuckles as he listens to my frustration. It is not that I can't do it, it is simply… Water systems for self-important Imperial Chancellors are tedious. On the bright side, I have thought that discovering effective ways to bring water into a dwelling could be incredibly valuable.

sketches of wells and houses/buildings… random lines drawn between the two with no real solution to the drawing of water up… list of questions and speculations.


The plans for the system are about 3/4 finished now. Actually, that is untrue. The system is 9/10s done. I have to make one or two adjustments for other things the Imperial Chancellor has planned and it needs to be… pretty. I will need to find an artisan with sufficient intelligence to flourish the process while keeping it functional and economical. The latter not being quite so important to the Imperial Chancellor, but I'd rather not have my name attached to something that will go down in history as gaudy, semi-functional, or nearly bankrupting the city.

Additional sketches of the water system overview and what it accomplishes for moving water throughout the city via aqueducts, etc. A few curvy designs/embellishments most are scratched out.

The idea of getting water into the smithy directly intrigues me. A way to pull the water straight here from the well as opposed to having heimin do the work. That would leave them more available for fetching supplies, operating the bellows, keeping the smithy clean, etc. I need to go for a walk and ponder this soon. I'm certain it can be done. I need to think of how to make the water draw up from the ground.

More sketches of the smithy specifically, where the water would be most usefully tapped. Position of well. Lists of questions on how to draw from the well to this point without needing slopes and aqueducts… something more direct.

Anyway, I have made quite the metedura. Well, two really. First was trying to get Wataru out of trouble with a Yasuki that was throwing herself at him. I know better than to interfere with such affairs, but he was so uncomfortable and the Yasuki was so… indecorous. The second was not recognizing that she was the delegation lead, Yasuki Akahime. Though who would've guessed that someone in such a position would decide to fawn over a pretty-faced heimin? Does she not find the samurai men of our clan sufficiently appealing? For Fortune's sake even a Scorpion Samurai would be preferable… though perhaps more perilous. Ridiculous the whole thing.

Sketches of Akahime and Wataru.

So now I find myself angry at this samurai and any others who are bullying him for sexual favors or attention. He is a heimin and it's within their rights to do so. Yet, simply because one has a right to beat a dog doesn't mean one should. We have a duty to protect those under us, not exploit them. Add to the fact that he is outside their rank. For lack of a better description, it would be like a Isawa asking for a Ronin yojimbo rather than a Shiba. Are these individuals so "without" that they must order another to be with them? How sad that they live with such self-doubt.

Sketch of a male face. Handsome and Hida-like. No one she knows, just a passing thought. (Someone familiar with Yasuki Osuki might think it bears some resemblance to him, but Nisa wouldn't recognize it.)

Nevertheless, I find myself wanting to protect this heimin. I do not see how to do this without becoming far too embroiled with women of power… particularly someone as dangerous as a Yasuki. For her to behave as such in semi-public and to be a leader of the delegation at the Imperial City means she is a person not to be taken lightly. Dangerous waters this poor lad finds himself in, and I am reluctant to jump ship and swim with him. But I have yet to figure out how to get him to safety.

Izumo Sensei would tell me to leave well enough alone. Noru-kun would tell me to drown if necessary to help. I have a feeling by the time this is done I will wish I'd listened to Sensei's advice. However, where would the challenge in that be?

Two sketches of hunting traps intended to be triggered by the prey. A list of questions on how to make these work for explosives which need to ignite, not lift them off the ground and incapacitate.


In speaking with Sensei today about Kakita W., I have decided to defer W.'s name suggestion. In speaking with Sensei, I mentioned that I would rather find a promising artisan who could benefit from this project rather than one who at least feels he is accomplished already.

Sketches of a few flourish ideas. Most are wave-like in appearance. One has fireworks over a water scene. Long line drawn from the fireworks over the water scene to a note: Perhaps the beautification could be done by area. Each one depicting scenes related to the area the water system is in? I'll have to consult with Oboro-san.

Sensei sent me to Fukuro Dankichi. I thought this interesting as Dankichi-sensei is something of a rival, though I have never seen animosity between the two. They seem to have a rather high spirited sense of competition and jovial needling.

Fukuro D. was most interesting to meet. I imagine he knows my "reputation" as he mentioned the festival. (Nisa pauses in writing to get up and pace in frustration for a time, thoughts flashing through her head and helping her to stir her blood and wake up more. Returns to sketchbook.) He seemed surprised by Sensei sending me to him asking for someone who could help in the embellishment of the water way. He has promised me the assistance of one Oboro Setsuna.

Sketch of Dankichi's face and Oboro's face and mon. Line drawn to Oboro's face: Isn't Oboro the diplomatic side of Owl?

I have never worked with an Owl though they are known for their skills. I look forward to having some input from her. I am a deeply funcitonal person and while I enjoy beautiful things, I am not as inspired in that aspect of creativity as others.

I think I shall send Oboro-san the generalities of the system. I know the math and geometry are good as I have had five others review it for accuracy, but it will give her a sense of the scale and help to inspire ideas perhaps.

I shall need to prepare for tonight as well. How unfortunate that I could not avoid the invitation.

Recollections of a Kaiu

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