Usagi Takahiro

19 years old. 5'8". 190 pounds. Black hair. Black eyes.


Born in the year 1149, last of eleven children. Named Shichiro. Son of Usagi Takara (born 1113) and Usagi Megumi. Entered the dojo in 1156.

Siblings are:
Usagi Takamatsu (Taro) – 1135 – 1167
Usagi Takahide (Jiro) – 1136
Daidoji Meguhime (Usagi Sumiko (Permanent)) – 1138
Usagi Takahatsu (Tazo) – 1139 – 1167
Doji Harumi (Usagi Haruko (Spring)) – 1140
Usagi Takanosuke (Shiro) – 1142 – 1167
Daidoji Tsukimi (Usagi Tsukiko (Moon)) – 1143
Usagi Takari (Goro) – 1145
Doji Akimi (Usagi Akiko (Autumn)) – 1146
Asahina Miyami (Usagi Miyako (March)) – 1148

Stereotypes exist for a reason. It is hard to say if “breeds like rabbits” refers originally to the animal or our Clan.

Year 1167, The War of the Fans. Heavy influence on the year of my Gempukku, after which I took the name Takahiro. Only me, Takari, Akimi, and Miyako were not involved in some way. Takamatsu, Takahatsu, and Takanosuke died in the fight. Takahide was seriously injured and became ineffective in combat, and just about anything else. Meguhime, Harumi, Tsukimi, Akimi, and eventually Miyami were married off to the Crane to keep what little peace remained. Deep rooted disdain for the Crane and distrust of the Empire. Takahide, being the eldest surviving son, was “allowed” to remain with the Clan, mostly due to his injuries. Takari remained as heir apparent to our line. I, being of sound mind and body and only slightly expendable, was sent to the Crane as an “honored guest.” As luck would have it, my “host” was one whom my nearest sister had been married to, Asahina Yawarakai.

Bloodspeaker attack in 750, no Crane assistance. Usagi Rail Incident in 808, Crane claiming what was not theirs. Emerald Champion “intervened” a year later, supporting the Crane interests of course, and many of our clan died. I am not looking forward to Crane hospitality.

Usagi Takahiro

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