Oboro Setsuna

18 years old, 5'6", 145 pounds. Black hair. Green eyes.


When dressed for court, Setsuna is quite the picture of young stately grace.

In the workshop she wears a simple workman’s peasant garb and her long black hair bound in a simple pony tail.

Due to the physical rigors of her art Setsuna is slightly more muscular than is considered feminine in court, a fact which she hides well when outside the workshop.


Youngest child of Fukuro Ryoma and Oboro Orochi, Oboro Setsuna is by far considered the most unlike her ancestor namesake. So much so it is rumored that her ancestor’s spirit haunts her to echo her disappointment in the naming and in Setsuna in general. Growing up Setsuna was barely interested in the social aspects of her lessons, she preferred the intricacies of weapon-smithing – the fine detail work, the knowledge that she was crafting a weapon of such supreme destruction it would spawn endless legends. In fact if not for her mother’s insistence that Setsuna become involved in court affairs she would be off studying the crafts and arts necessary to hone her weapon -smithing mastery.

Oboro Setsuna

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